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Tips, Tricks, and Hints to Promoting on Time

Tips, Tricks, and Hints to Promoting on Time


Former Earhart Cadet and Squadron 712 Cadet Commander (Jan. 2017 - Jan. 2018), 1st Lt Brian Weitzel shares his Tips, Tricks, and Hints to Success for Cadet Online Testing and Promoting On Time.


  • Start attempting your exams ASAP. It is better to be early than on time, cause on time can be cutting it close.

  • Actually read the material at least once.

    • Then skim if you fail.

    • For non-milestone exams USE your open book or open PDF (use(Ctrl F)).

  • Pay attention to the all of the questions.

    • Just because you guessed it right one week doesn’t mean you will the next.

    • If you have a tough time on a question then read/ skim the entire paragraph in the Textbook.

      • Questions change from test to test.

      • You might get more questions related to that topic. (One my Mitchell exam I had about 5 questions on the same topic.)

  • Remember you can take your milestone exams EVERY day (If you find someone to proctor it).

    • Proctors include Maj. McMillen, Capt. Karns, Capt. Perfors, Lt. Weitzel, Capt. Myers, Lt. Harrison, and Lt. Manoli.

  • Non-milestone exams can be taken weekly.

  • Remember that questions from exams show up on Milestone exams.

  • Almost everyone fails a milestone the first time.

    • Keep taking it. Don’t take an off week because it easily turns into an off month.

    • Get the notes from the proctor and use the tips above to not fail again.

  • When in doubt about what’s next? ASK. Weitzel doesn’t mind an Email or being asked in person.

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