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Senior Members

Welcome to CAP !!

You're a new Senior what?


You've decided to volunteer and have submitted your application and other required documents and have been to a few meetings, now you ready to begin the next steps in helping the Squadron. Not to worry, the Squadrons Professional Development Officer (PDO) will have all the answers and will work with to build out the steps on your path in your new role, but we've listed the things that you can do to get things started.


Your First Tasks...


1.  Read and Familiarize yourself with the following documents.

a) Senior Member Welcome Booklet

b) Respect on Display Pamphlet

c) Level 1: Onboarding Guide

d) CAPR 50-17

2.  Create an account in eServices.

Once you receive your welcome email from National Headquarters, go to eServices and create your account, double-check that your contact information is correct. You can find detailed instructions in the Senior Member Welcome Booklet.


3.  Get Into Uniform.     

You need one uniform to get started. Eventually you’ll want to have both the camouflage utility uniform (ABUs or BDUs), and the service uniform, “blues.”    

If you choose to purchase new uniforms, you may purchase these through a variety of sources. The official source for CAP insignia and uniforms is Vanguard. Shop with them at, 800-221-1264. 

Speak to your squadron leaders about local options, too. Sometimes the squadron has a “supply closet,” and military surplus stores could be another option.

All uniform options are detailed in the Senior Member Welcome Booklet


4.  Level 1 Orientation.     

The Level I Orientation is the first of CAP's five professional development program levels. During this training you will be exposed to the history of our organization and familiarize yourself with the general policies and procedures. To complete this level:

a) Complete the Level 1 Orientation "Starting Your Journey" course.

b) Complete the Level 1 Orientation "Cadet Protection Basic Course (Seniors)" course.

You can access these Level 1 Orientation courses by logging into eServices and navigating to the LMS section (or follow this link). Should you have any questions about what you are learning in level one please do not hesitate to talk to your mentor, unit Professional Development Officer, or unit Commander.

Once you have completed these two course, contact the Professional Development Officer and let them know that you have completed the courses. The PDO will then schedule a review session with you and upon successful completion of this review, the PDO will submit your Level 1 approval letter.


5.  Explore Level 2 Professional Development Opportunities.     

You will meet with the PDO and explore which Specialty Tracks are available and will suit your skills and desires. In order to prepare for this meeting you should be familiar with the Cap Regulation 50-17 and Specialty Track documents.


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