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Cadet Program Officers

Administration, Records, and Personnel

Major Tina M. Brady-Perfors
Capt Perfors joined CAP in 2009 with her son Michael, who ended as an Eaker Cadet (C/Lt Col). She served in the United States Navy in ordinance and ended as a Petty Officer First Class (E-6). Her training record includes the Squadron Leadership School, Officer Basic Course, Corporate Learning Course, and Regional Staff College.  She holds Level III and Technician ratings in Administration and Cadet Programs and a Senior rating in Personnel. Her devotion to CAP has also been recognized with three Achievement Medals, the Yeager Award, Air Search and Rescue Medal, and numerous Community Service ribbons.


Aerospace and Safety

Major Keith McMillen
Before taking this post, Maj McMillen completed ten years in the command section of Sq 712. Maj McMillen enjoys war history, aerospace, and counterdrug flying. His CAP resume includes a National Commander's Commendation, three Achievement Medals, Level III of the SM PD program, the Command Service Ribbon, a Find Ribbon, and the Air Search and Rescue medal. He holds a Senior rating in Finance, and a Technician rating in each Command, Aerospace Education, Historian, Professional Development, and Safety.



Captain Andrew G. Myers
Captain Myers holds the distinction of being the only 712 cadet to achieve his Spaatz Award (C/Col) to date.  During his time as a cadet he served as the Cadet Commander and continues to mentor and inspire cadets each week.  Captain Myers has achieved Level II in the Senior Member Professional Development Program and has completed Squadron Leadership School, the Corporate Learning Course, and Training Leaders of Cadets.  Captain Myers has a Senior Rating in Cadet Programs.

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